February 5, 2015

Things that are making me happy this fine Friday - the first of February, and it really is starting to feel as if spring is on the way.


Specifically wonderfully cheapo £1 bunches from Waitrose, stuck in a vase with mininal (ie non-existent) arranging, bobbing their jolly little yellow heads about all over the place and giving off the faintest perfume. A simple, utterly uplifting pleasure.


This jazzy little cardigan from Sainsburys - that's right, Sainsburys people! It's embroidered all over with lemons and with its beautiful lace scalloped collar and gilt-edged buttons it has a sweet '50s feel. And it was £9... ahhh (that's the sound of my stingy soul rejoicing). Oh yeah, I should probably mention this one is for a baby, not an adult. Sorry.


I wanted this Liberty/Mi-Pac duffle bag desperately for Christmas, but they sold out the second they hit the Liberty website. SAD FACE. Then lo, I was idly browsing the ASOS site and look what I stumbled across! The classic Liberty print is called 'Strawberry Thief', it's got an inside pocket, lots of lovely gold-coloured hardware and I am so so sooo happy with it.



And finally - my latest new/old fashion re/discovery is good old Land's End. Think of this classic American mail order brand as Taylor Swift's character in You Belong With Me - the dorky girl next door who doesn't get a second glance, who's always there patiently waiting and after lots of fooling around with tacky chicks, the dude finally comes to his senses and realises his dream girl was there all along right under his nose. Yep, that's Land's End.


Not convinced? Then behold Lands End's lovely Tugless swimsuit ('tugless' presumably being a polite way of saying you won't have to hoik it out... well, you know). It looks like a traditional bathing suit - something Daryl might have worn in Mallory Towers (the highest compliment I can give.)


I've been looking for one like this for ages - super plain and simple, very '90s - and all I could find was the terrifyingly skimpy American Apparel version - yeesh, no thanks.


I like the refreshingly modest neckline on the LE one - not a hint of cleavage, and you know what that reminds me of? The supes walking in the Versace '91 show, bombshells each and every one but their cups most definitely did not runneth over.

I think Land's End is at the point that Boden was at a few years ago - a trusted stalwart of Middle England's wardrobes, but not particularly on the fashion radar. So much has changed for Boden and it's now one of the hottest brands around both in Britain and the States with a charming way on social media.


I wonder if the same might happen to L.E. - if people will start to rediscover this Cinderella brand, take off its specs and say in wondering tones, "Why Land's're...beautiful!"


*Let's all agree to stop calling flowers 'blooms' shall we? It's getting annoying.

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