Aesop Sun Lotion

March 16, 2015


I am a shameless Aesop disciple and would probably buy anything they put their name to, up to and including their wackier inventions - dog shampoo (I don't own a dog) and 'Poo Drops' (you figure it out.)


I wishwishwish they would create a capsule make-up collection - just mascara, a couple of lipsticks and a foundation would do nicely thanks - but until that glorious day arrives, I will be content with their latest launch, an SPF50 sun lotion, or as they're coyly calling it, 'Protective Body Lotion'.


It's taken them ages to develop but it was worth it - it's a lightweight, milky fluid that has a pleasantly minty scent similar to Wrigley's gum (thanks to the spearmint essential oil used) and sinks into the skin beautifully rather than sitting stickily on the surface.


Lemon oil and Vitamin E add to the skin-improving properties of the product, making this more than a bog-standard sun lotion, but rather something you actually want to put on your face and body every day, all year round, in the city and on the beach.


It comes in a completely black bottle (rather than Aesop's signature slightly see-through brown) to stop the SPF inside from degrading. That's because this product uses chemical filters rather than physical ones to deliver high-level broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays.


That might seem surprising for a brand that's known for its strong 'green' credentials, but I rather admire their pragmatism in recognising that synthetic ingredients aren't innately 'evil' if they are used in a smart, responsible way and if that makes the efficacy of the product second to none, then it's worth it.


Aesop Protective Body Lotion (£27, 150ml) will be available from May in Aesop stores and at

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